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Cosmos Live

We are continuously involved with recent Cosmos developments, helping to contribute into the Cosmos community by strengthening it by hosting a resilient Validator infrastructure.

Our Cosmos Hub Validator signs transactions via a Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) on enterprise-grade servers in Tier 3 Data Centers employing the best practices of a hybrid Cloud architecture.

We are fully dedicated in providing a best-in-class Proof-of-Stake validation services and are now open to accepting delegations.

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Ethereum Live

For those interested in staking, Ethereum 2.0 offers a unique opportunity to earn rewards by participating in the network's consensus mechanism.

By staking their ETH, users can become validators and help secure the network by processing transactions and blocks on the blockchain. In return, they earn rewards in the form of additional ETH.

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Cardano Live

We have been on Cardano’s Incentivized TestNet (ITN) on Jormungandr for many months and we are happy to announce that we're finally live on Cardano's Shelley MainNet under the ticker KYSN!

We have been participating in several rounds of the Shelley TestNet candidates and have begun strengthening our relay networks. As we grow our delegations, we will be expanding the number of validators accordingly to avoid over saturating each node to help maximize delegator rewards.

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Kava Live

We’ve launched on Kava MainNet to help decentralize an open financial network.

Kava Labs is focused on democratizing financial services and making them openly accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The team started built out the Kava blockchain, a foundational platform designed to provide the most safe, secure, and reliable experience for accessing DeFi apps and services.

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Harmony Live

We are LIVE with Harmony Protocol from Day $ONE, live on the MainNet via a Foundational Node program.

We are fortunate to have gotten to know Harmony's technically strong co-founders and their intricate network of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs prior to their inception.

We are heavily invested and committed to helping strengthen Harmony's upcoming MainNet release by hosting several Harmony Foundational Nodes to stake validators for the long haul.

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Desmos Live

Desmos is aimed at Democratizing Social Media. The Desmos network is a blockchain which serves as the backbone to empower the development of user-centric social networks.

We’re excited to be a part of the Desmos MainNet!

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Neutron Live

Neutron is claimed to be the most secure CosmWasm platform in Cosmos, enabling its smart-contracts to leverage Interchain technology with minimal overhead.

Powered by Tendermint and built with the Cosmos SDK, Neutron lets developers launch smart-contracts and provides tools to interoperate with other protocols and appchains.

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Aura Live

Aura Network is an ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption for mainstream users.

Their vision is to create a one-stop destination for building NFT projects that has real utility and gradually help transforming existing web2 businesses to web3.

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Quicksilver Live

Quicksilver Zone enables Liquid Staking for Cosmos assets with one's preferred validator to receive liquid staked assets (qASSETs) that one can use for swapping, pooling, lending, and more, all while the original stake earns staking APY from securing the network.

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Tgrade Live

Tgrade - Real-world problems, solved by innovative businesses, powered by the Tgrade blockchain. Tgrade is bridging the Real World Assets with blockchain with the concept of Trusted Circles.

We’re excited to be a part of the Tgrade MainNet!

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Ununifi Live

Ununifi enables users to apply their NFTs as collateral to access loans, earn yield on their NFTs. Users on Ununifi can generate yield on their NFTs similar to DeFi offerings with lending protocols.

We’re excited to be a part of the Ununifi - the NFT-Fi Platform with DeFi tools built on Cosmos!

Saga Research

Saga is a protocol for automatically provisioning application-specific blockchains. They are building this by rearchitecting developer and end user interactions with blockchains.

Using shared security, innovations in validator orchestration, and an automated deployment pipeline, Saga makes launching a dedicated blockchain, or Chainlet, as easy as deploying a smart contract.

The Saga network is best leveraged as a scalability layer for web3 infrastructure.